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 June 16, 2008
Website updated with documentation in Español!  Translations of the documentation have been provided by Felipe Francisco Nunez Cores, a wonderful friend of SylvaWare and a user of NBASIC!  Many thanks to Fran for making this information available in Spanish.
 November 7, 2007
  • ARC statement.
  • DLOAD and DSAVE statements.
  • FIND statement.
  • BEGINSWITH and ENDSWITH functions.
  • BREAK function.
  • CDN and CHN functions.
  • CHOOSE and CHOOSE$ functions.
  • COMP and COMPI functions.
  • EMPTY function.
  • ENCLOSE$ function.
  • EVAL function.
  • EXTRACT$ and REMAIN$ functions.
  • FILEINFO$ and VOLINFO$ functions.
  • FINDONEOF function.
  • FLOOR function.
  • HYPOT function.
  • IIF and IIF$ functions.
  • MATCH function.
  • MOD function.
  • PCOL and PROW functions.
  • SPAN and CSPAN functions.
  • SQUEEZE$ function.
  • SWITCH and SWITCH$ functions.


  • EDIT statement.
  • RENAME statement.
  • UNLOAD statement.
  • CHR$ function.
  • LTRIM$, RTRIM$ and TRIM$ functions.
  • MAX and MIN functions.

User manual updated.

Reference guides updated.

Peeks and pokes updated.

 February 19, 2007
  • CREATE statement.
  • FONT statement.
  • FORMAT statement.
  • FRAME statement.
  • FRE statement.
  • LINES statement.
  • LOADC and SAVEC statements.
  • OLD statement.
  • PUSH statement.
  • RUNR statement.
  • SPLITNAME statement.
  • COMPRESS$ function.
  • COPYSIGN function.
  • DOLLAR$ function.
  • DTR function.
  • FONT function.
  • INYN$ function.
  • MAKENAME$ function.
  • PROMPT$ function.
  • QUOTE$ function.
  • RTD function.
  • SELECT function.
  • SET$ function.
  • Fixed a bug to correctly parse filename extensions.
  • Fixed a bug to correctly output text in print zones.


  • CREATE statement (CR.).

User manual updated.

Reference guides updated.

February 19, 2006
  • APPEND statement.
  • ATTACH and DETACH statements.
  • NOINVERSE statement.
  • NOREVERSE statement.
  • RENUMBER statement.
  • REVERSE statement.
  • UNNUM statement.
  • BUFSIZ function.
  • VARPTR and VARPTR$ functions.
  • The DRAW statement has been updated with additional commands.
  • The LOG statement has been changed to buffer output to the log file.
  • The interpreter now recognizes 2 double quotes in a string as a single double quote.
  • Added a PEEK to check if a file is attached to screen output.
  • Added a POKE to flush the log file.
  • Added a POKE to enable/disable the renumbering of only numbered lines.
  • Fixed a bug to correctly get the name of the default printer on startup.
  • Fixed a bug in the CHKUL statement to correctly check partially numbered programs.
  • Fixed a bug in the DIR statement to correctly use wildcards.
  • Fixed a bug in file and log output to write partial buffer if buffer causes file to exceed maximum size.


  • APPEND statement.
  • ATTRIB statement.
  • COPY statement.
  • KILL statement.
  • MOVE statement.
  • RENAME statement.


  • APPEND statement (A.).
  • ATTRIB statement (AT.).
  • BACKUP statement (B.).
  • COPY statement (C.).
  • HELP statement (H.).
  • KILL statement (K.).
  • LOAD statement (L.).
  • MOVE statement (M.).
  • MERGE statement (ME.).
  • RENAME statement (R.).
  • SAVE statement (S.).
  • VOLUME statement (V.).

Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 3 Compatibility

  • HCIRCLE statement.
  • HCLS statement.
  • HCOLOR statement.
  • HDRAW statement.
  • HGET and HPUT statements.
  • HLINE statement.
  • HPAINT statement.
  • HSET and HRESET statements.
  • HPOINT function.
  • ERLIN function.
  • ERNO function.

Commodore 64 Compatibility

  • CLR statement.
  • CMD statement.
  • CONCAT statement.

BASICA Compatibility

  • RETURN statement.
  • SYSTEM statement.
  • SADD function.

User manual updated.

Reference guides updated.

Peeks and pokes updated.
August 14, 2005
  • ASAVE and BSAVE statements.
  • AT statement.
  • BKOFF and BKON statements.
  • DIRR statement.
  • LOCK and UNLOCK statements.
  • POP statement.
  • QUIT statement.
  • SELECT statement.
  • COLOR function.
  • COPYIGHT$ function.
  • CSRLIN function.
  • LOWER$ and UPPER$ functions.
  • LSET$ function and RSET$ functions.
  • PPOINT function.
  • RCP function.
  • SCREEN function.
  • SPLITNAME$ function.
  • The LOG statement has been changed to use "log" as the default extension.
  • The LSET and RSET statements have been changed to use string array variables.
  • Improved the REMARK statement to detect which case to use when inserting the REM statement.
  • Changed the RND function so that RND(1) returns a number between 0 and 1.

Apple ][e compatibility

  • CATALOG statement.
  • COLOR statement.
  • GR statement.
  • HCOLOR statement.
  • HGR statement.
  • HGR2 statement.
  • HLIN and VLIN statements.
  • HPLOT statement.
  • HTAB and VTAB statements.
  • INVERSE statement.
  • NORMAL statement.
  • NOTRACE statement.
  • PLOT statement.
  • TEXT statement
  • SCRN function.

Texas Instruments TI-99/4a compatibility

  • BYE statement.
  • CON statement.
  • CONTINUE statement.
  • DELETE statement.
  • NUMBER statement.
  • RESEQUENCE statement.
  • TRACE statement.
  • UNBREAK statement.
  • UNTRACE statement.
  • CHRS$ function.
  • SEG$ function.

User manual updated.

Reference guides updated.

Peeks and pokes updated.
December 23, 2004
  • REMARK and UNREMARK statements.
  • SWAP statement.
  • TYPE statement.
  • New POKE to restore a program erased by NEW.
  • Supports Windows XP control styles.

User manual updated.

October 30, 2004
  • USING$ function.
  • ISNEG and ISPOS functions.

User manual updated.

Note: Please contact SylvaWare using our email address:  Our post office box  is no longer in use.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you.

September 21, 2004
  • LET statement extended to allow multiple variables and assignments.
  • LIST, DEL, CHKSYN, CHKUL, CHKSW, CHKIO, PROFILE, BREAK and NOBREAK statements extended to allow multiple line sequences.
  • OPTION BASE and OPTION EXPLICIT statements for arrays.
  • New array functions.
  • Many new statements and functions have been documented.
  • Improved font handling including international character sets.  

Website updated with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Inside NBASIC.

New user manual available.
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February 19, 2004
NBASIC Version 1.1 released.
  • NBASIC now includes printing support featuring a classic line printer interface (LLIST, LPRINT, LPOS, etc.).
  • Many new statements and functions have been documented.
  • New peeks and pokes added.
New reference guides available.
October 23, 2003
Screenshots added.
October 22, 2003
Downloads now available.
NBASIC Version 1.0 released.
SylvaWare website live!

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