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Add a ; (semi-colon) after the arguments in a PRINT statement if you do not have to move to the next line, this is faster because no newline is performed.


To input a single character and wait for the ENTER key to be pressed, use INPUT$(1).


To setup a one shot timer, place TIMER STOP or ON TIMER GOTO 0 in the timer handler.


To stop a program that has BREAK set to off, Right click on the NBASIC screen and select Reset from the context menu.


To check for commands that cannot be executed in the shareware version of NBASIC, use the CHKSW statement.


To keep track of field widths for strings in PRINT USING statements, use string formats like "/2345/" (the beginning and ending /'s count).


NBASIC can load ASCII programs with no line numbers, lines are added to the program in order that they appear in the file.


Before adding line numbers to a program that does not contain line numbers, renumber the program.


To create an integer only FOR loop specify the data type as integer for each item, for example: FOR I%=1% TO 100% STEP 2%



To execute shareware or standard version specific commands, check the value at PEEK(23) to determine version.  PEEK(23) returns 1 if this version of NBASIC is a shareware version or returns 0 if not (e.g.  IF PEEK(23)=0 THEN DEC A ELSE A=A-1).


To execute version specific commands, check the value at PEEK(36) to determine version.  PEEK(36) returns the release number of NBASIC (1-Version 1.0, 2-Version 1.0.1, 3-Version 1.1, 4-Version 1.2, 5-Version 1.2.1, 6-Version 1.3, 7-Version 1.4, 8-Version 1.5, 9-Version 1.5.1, 10-Version 1.5.2, 11-Version 1.6, 12-Version 2.0).  New commands in the online help and reference guides include the minimum version information.


Check back frequently for updated hints and tips.
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