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Can I create Windows programs with NBASIC?
No.  NBASIC is designed to provide an environment that mimics the microcomputers of the early 1980's like the Tandy Color Computer, the Apple ][e, and others.  NBASIC programs run within the NBASIC operating environment.
Why can I not use Windows folders in NBASIC?
The goal of NBASIC is to provide an environment similar in operation to microcomputers of the early 1980's which usually had one or more floppy disk drives with flat (non-hierarchical) file systems.  NBASIC therefore uses a named storage location called a volume that is mapped to a Windows folder.  Volumes represent storage devices and cannot be nested.
Are the volumes I create with the shareware version saved when I install the standard version?
Yes.  When installing newer versions of NBASIC only the HOME and EXAMPLES volumes are not preserved.  If these have been changed they will be overwritten by the install.
Why are the programs I write with the shareware version modified when I load them with the standard version?
Only programs saved in binary format are modified.  The standard version as well as newer versions of NBASIC may contain additional functionality or features and recompiles the program to update the compiled code.
What is the largest program I can write with NBASIC?
The largest line number that can be used in NBASIC is 65535, otherwise NBASIC is only limited by the amount of memory installed in the host computer.
Does NBASIC require a ROM?
No.  NBASIC is self-contained and provides everything that is needed to run the programs written with NBASIC.
Can I run programs written for other microcomputers and BASIC dialects with NBASIC?
Yes.  However, some programs will require modification to run due to differences in syntax or function names especially those that use graphics.
Is NBASIC compatible with QBASIC or VisualBasic?
No.  NBASIC is a distinct dialect of the BASIC programming language that represents what is commonly referred to as classic BASIC (non-structured and uses line numbers).  However, with some modification certain non-structured programs can be made to run under NBASIC.
Can NBASIC load programs without line numbers?
Yes.  NBASIC loads the lines in order that they appear in the file.  However to edit specific lines in the program, you will need to renumber the program.
Why are variable and user defined function names not allowed to begin with a keyword (statement or built-in function)?
The reason for this is that NBASIC supports a feature of older BASIC dialects that did not require spaces between identifiers, therefore statements like IFA=0THENGOTO100ELSEA=A+1 are possible in NBASIC.  To simplify the recognition of variable names and user defined functions, NBASIC requires that these identifiers not begin with a keyword.  For example, if the variable MAXPAGES is used a syntax error occurs because MAX is the name of a built in function.  Instead use MXPAGES, MPAGES or PAGESMAX to avoid the conflict.
How can I access the A: drive?
To create a volume on a removable disk, make sure the disk is in the drive, then create the volume.
How does printing work in NBASIC?
See the Printers help topic in the Details section (type HELP "PRINTERS" at the NBASIC prompt).
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