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Welcome to SylvaWare

NBASIC Version 2.0 is here!

This is a pre-release (alpha) version that contains the full set of features. We are working on finalizing new documentation for this release and it will be available for download when complete at which point standard and shareware versions of 2.0 will also be available. Until then enjoy this version to explore all of the new features. Let us know if you have questions, suggestions or bug reports. Send those to Thanks for your support!

See the What's New page for all of the details!

click here to download NBASIC Version 2.0 Alpha (pre-release)

NBASIC Version 1.6 is available for download!

Click here for the downloads page!

NBASIC Version 1.5.2 Released!

Click here to download NBASIC Version 1.5.2 (Shareware version)

NBASIC is a classic BASIC interpreter that provides an environment similar in operation to microcomputers of the early 1980's.
  • Over 230 Statements
  • Over 250 Functions
  • User-defined Functions
  • Text and Graphics
  • Printing
  • Sequential and Random Files
  • Advanced Debugging
  • 15 Digit Numeric Precision
  • Strings up to 65,535 characters
  • Numeric and String Arrays
  • Online help and reference
  • Customizable
  • Wildcards
  • Shortcuts
  • And More...


NBASIC is available in two versions, shareware and standard.  The shareware version is free and does not include some of the features found in the standard version such as graphics, printing, advanced editing, debugging, and configuration options.  If you have the shareware version of NBASIC see Ordering to purchase the standard version.


All programs written with the shareware version of NBASIC will run on the standard version.  Programs written with the standard version of NBASIC will run on the shareware version if statements and functions found only in the standard version are not used.

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